What to Look for When Buying a Gaming Laptop?

When going to buy anything, prior research really matters. It leads you to buy premium, much compatible, user-friendly products with an affordable price tag.

At CrazyBuy.com we want to help you with your purchase. To do this, we have prepared this guide in which we will explain What to Look for When Buying a Gaming Laptop?

If you’re looking for a gaming laptop price in Pakistan and are a little bit confused about the selection of the right pick, this buying guide will be very helpful for you. This guide carries a few tips to consider before where to buy a gaming laptop.

Buying a Gaming Laptop Comprehensive Buying Guide

Buying Guide for Gaming Laptops

Core specs are the heart of any computer. Never compromise on the configuration and try to get the best combination of specs. Also must consider their working compatibility. In this post, we share the best tips for buying a gaming laptop.

Gaming Laptops Processor

Gaming Laptops Processor

We should think about the purpose of a processor when choosing one. If we intend to use it for gaming and more heavily, a Quad-Core i7, i9 (or AMD’s latest Ryzen 7) is a good choice.

Storage – SSD and Hard Drive

SSD and Hard Drive

Solid-state drives are the best format for storage and should never be purchased in older formats. Where it gives you storage capacity, it also significantly improves the processing speed.

Memory – RAM

Memory of RAM Gaming Laptop

A computer with 4 GB is usually adequate for everyday tasks, but for gaming, we usually need at least 32, 64, or more GBs, depending on the task.

Adding RAM to a PC depends on the model, hence it is important to determine if there are slots open on the motherboard.

Graphics Card

Graphics Card for gaming laptop

Core processors with integrated graphics are typically available in both Intel and AMD models, and in most cases, these graphics cards are more than adequate for basic tasks; however, we should choose a separate graphics card whenever possible (especially if we aim to play games, watch HD video, or do a lot of work). Choose the best Graphics Card when you Buying a Gaming Laptop.


laptop Connectivity

Connectors on the motherboard and the graphics card enable us to connect other peripherals. The latest Apple portable computers, as well as many gaming systems, incorporate Thunderbolt technology directly into their USB-C ports, which results in fewer cables and connectors being required to connect to external displays.


Display of Gaming Laptop

Display and natural view graphics really matter. If any screen lacks graphics it affects productivity. So whenever you buy a laptop, must consider its screen resolution, true tone effects, color gamut, and aspect ratio. It also depends upon your budget, requirement, and choice.


design of gaming laptop

Appearance describes you. You should try to buy a lightweight, thin, ergonomic design laptop. Its lightweight and compact design help you with easy portability and the ergonomic look gives a sophisticated feel.


Use of gaming laptop

The most important thing you should keep in mind to know what type of machine you really need is based on the use you are going to give it.


Portability of gaming laptop

The laptop should enable mobility and allows us to take it wherever we want in our house or outside of it.


Budget-Friendly laptop

It must comply with your budget, also justify its market value, specs, and configuration. It should not be over-priced, over-budgeted, and nor it is enough cheap in price so far it delivers dull performance. Budget is a very important factor when buy gaming laptop in Pakistan.

Built-in Quality

Built-in Quality and High Quality Laptop

It should have high built-in quality and builds with premium materials. Must be durable, sustainable, and handy. The laptop should be well configured, equips with innovative thermal, security, and aesthetic features.

Battery life

Laptop Battery life in Future

Gaming Laptops should have fast charging functionality, equips with huge battery backup and can support min 8-15hrs longer battery life.

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