How to Remove Battery from Acer Laptop

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For some time now, laptop manufacturers have started to embed batteries inside the laptop, instead of the typical removable stuff on the bottom of the laptop, but like any other battery, these can be damaged, so we’ll see “How to remove battery from Acer laptops”. Crazy-buy offers the Best Laptops in Pakistan at low prices.

In this guide you will learn how to remove and replace the battery of Acer laptops.

Remove the screws

Remove the laptop battery screws

So let’s get started. The first thing we’re going to do is remove all the screws on the bottom cover one by one, which is like 17 screws. Slide out the DVD writer, there are three screws under the DVD writer, remove them too.

Remove the back cover

Hack to remove the glued cover of laptop Battery

Now the back cover must be removed carefully because speaker connectors which are with the back cover have been connected to the board. Before pulling the back cover it must be disconnected. You have to be careful while pulling up the back cover.

Hack to remove the glued cover

Remove the back cover of Laptop Battery

If you are going to open your laptop for the first time it may have been fixed with a front cover; so open it with an old plastic card or a guitar pick. It will put it in the separation of the base, to be able to take off the cover without damaging the plastic

Removing and replacing the battery

Removing and replacing the battery

Here is the battery & you can find the model number of this. Verify the model number of the battery and should purchase the same model for Acer Laptop Battery Replacement for better performance.

As a professional, I recommend Crazy-Buy to buy Acer laptops online; they offer comprehensive warranty and after sale services.

Now remove the screw that holds the battery. Disconnect the battery, remove it and place a new battery and ensure it is connected correctly.

It only remains to screw, place the cover again and don’t forget to fix the speaker connector and DVD writer.

How to Remove Battery from Acer Laptop Final Verdict
 Remove Battery from Acer Laptop Final Verdict

Although new batteries come with an initial charge, it is advisable to leave the equipment charging for a few hours to verify that the new battery reaches full charge and that it retains its charge correctly. I hope this guide on how to remove the battery from an Acer laptop will help you to Replace Acer Laptop Battery efficiently. 

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