How to charge your laptop in car?

The dependence on laptops might be reduced due to today’s universality of phones, but there are still times when it’s essential to be able to charge your laptop while travelling. In order to charge your laptop in the car, accessories like a power inverter, laptop charger or a power bank are required. Here’s how you can charge your laptop by utilising the accessories.

Making use of a power inverter

The common solution for charging your laptop in the car is by using a power inverter. A power inverter is a power electronic device used to change direct current into alternating current. Power inverter is fixed into the cars outlet and it has USB ports where you can plug your laptop‘s power adapter directly into the inverter. Moreover, power inverters are expensive so that’s a bonus itself.

Utilize a laptop charger

Another way of charging your laptop in car is by making use of a laptop charger that is specifically made for a particular model of laptop. Laptop chargers for different laptops models are available online and are usually present at the quite affordable price. You can start charging by connecting the charger to your laptop and plugging it into your cars outlet, it’s just that simple.

Operate with a power bank

There is a way through you can charge your laptop without using the car at all. Are you required is the power delivery power bank. If you have a new laptop with USB-C or thunderbolt charging port, power delivery power banks can transfer sufficient power in order to charge a laptop through a USB-C port. However, this solution can only be used if you have a laptop with proprietary charging pot.

Writer: Shiza Imran

Updated: 01-07-2022

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