How to charge your laptop battery externally?

In case of being in a situation where you have to charge your laptop but the laptop charger is not present or maybe is damaged, you can still charge your laptop battery externally or manually. There are a number of different ways to do this, as mentioned below

Using a USB port to charge laptop

Type A USB ports are usually present in majority of laptop and computer. The data is transferred to the computer through the ports. Devices such as smart phones, power bank are charged by using the sports. USB cables can be used in order to gain data from different devices. However, using type A port for power delivery can only be made possible for small devices such as mobile phones.

If your laptop has type B or type C port available, Power delivery can easily be done. In simpler words, your laptop battery can be charged through the ports, even in situations where laptop charger is not available. This can only be done for some expensive laptop models such as Apple MacBook Pro, chromebook flip etc. This is the most suitable method to charge laptop when the charger is not present. Moreover, another advantage of charging your laptop this way is that some laptop receive full charges in less time.

Making use of an external battery

If a removable battery is available in your laptop, external charging of your laptop can be easily done. In order to do this, all you need is a nine pin charging interference, or any pin that can be arranged according to your laptop battery. A compatible charging pin interface helps you start charging your laptop battery regularly. All you have to do is connect the laptop battery pins to the connector and the other side to power adapter. The supply of current will start flowing through the battery and will charge your laptop.

Many people would rather use this method to charge the laptop battery externally as the manual charger is easily.

Charge your laptop using a universal power adapter.

Making use of a universal adapter can fix the problem occurred when laptop charger is not available and you have to charge your laptop. There are a number of different charging pins attached to a universal adapter. You just have to connect the specific pin needed to charge your laptop model in order to start charging. Along with this, universal batteries can be very helpful for charging different batteries as it provides a number of different input ranges. So in order to charge your laptop battery externally, universal adapter can be very useful.

Using an identical laptop model

If the same model laptop is available nearby, you can connect it with your laptop for it to start charging. This way of charging your laptop is one of the safest method. However, this will only charge the laptop battery temporarily and it might be difficult to find a laptop identical to your model nearby.

Laptops with non-removable battery

It is easy to find solution to charge your laptop externally when you can get the battery out of your laptop. All the above mentioned methods can only be carried out if your laptop model have a removable battery.

However, if your laptop consist of a non-removable battery, the only way to charge it externally is by opening up your laptop. This can only be carried out if you are experienced and aware of laptop repair and batteries. The best way to find solution for this problem is to visit a authorised laptop service station. There is a greater risk of damaging your laptop if you try to open it yourself.

There are different of other ways as well that might help to charge your laptop battery externally. If there is an AC adapter connection present in your laptop battery, you just have to connect it to the port. The AC adapter off your laptop will start charging. There are also portable batteries available that can help you temporarily supply power to your laptop. If the right one is chosen, they are ideal for travelling. Moreover, an auto adapter can also be used to charge while in vehicles. The adapter can be connected to the car by cigarette lighter and it’s continuously used to charge while the car is running.

However, it is always recommended to make use of the original charger of the laptop. These are all realistic methods only to be used when a problem arises or a difficulty is faced while charging through the original charger.

Writer: Shiza Imran

Updated: 09 July 2022

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