How to charge your laptop battery externally?

In case of being in a situation where you have to charge your laptop but the laptop charger is not present or maybe is damaged, you can still charge your laptop battery externally or manually. There are a number of different ways to do this, as mentioned below Using a USB port to charge laptop ...

How to charge your laptop in car?

The dependence on laptops might be reduced due to today’s universality of phones, but there are still times when it’s essential to be able to charge your laptop while travelling. In order to charge your laptop in the car, accessories like a power inverter, laptop charger or a power bank are ...

How to check if Laptop Fan is Working Properly?

Breakdowns and failures in the cooling system of laptops quite quickly affect the overall performance of the system.  That’s why we bring a quick guide about “how to check if laptop fan is working properly”. In addition, it significantly increases the risk of defects associated with ...

How to Clean Laptop Touchpad?

Few households don't have a laptop: it takes up little space, is easy to move, and can offer the same features and power as a desktop computer. How to Clean Laptop Touchpad. It also replaces the use of a mouse and comes with much more convenience of a trackpad or touchpad. Thanks to this, we ...

How to Remove Battery from Acer Laptop

For some time now, laptop manufacturers have started to embed batteries inside the laptop, instead of the typical removable stuff on the bottom of the laptop, but like any other battery, these can be damaged, so we'll see “How to remove battery from Acer laptops”. Crazy-buy offers the Best ...

Which laptop is best for gaming?

Although stating its answer is difficult. There are a wide range of gaming laptop models available at the moment. Based on our test results and available statistics, we will give a brief review of those models that deserve it due to their features. But before getting in which laptop is best for ...

What to Look for When Buying a Gaming Laptop?

When going to buy anything, prior research really matters. It leads you to buy premium, much compatible, user-friendly products with an affordable price tag. At we want to help you with your purchase. To do this, we have prepared this guide in which we will explain What to Look for ...

How to reduce laptop heating while gaming In 2022

Game playing is the worst use for any computer device since it tends to heat up when it is consuming power. Therefore, at Crazy-Buy we want to reveal “how to reduce laptop heating while gaming”. Surely, we do not want our computers or laptops to perform poorly after experiencing the first days of ...

Best Laptop for Video Editing In 2022

Video editing is increasingly popular among amateurs and professionals alike, and many of them prefer a portable computer to carry out their work due to mobility issues or lack of space. Depending on the software you use for editing or your needs, you should choose the best laptop for video ...

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