About Us

CrazyBuy was born as a physical store in Karachi in 2015. Due to its great success and with the intention of making our adjusted prices and excellent service; we evolved to become an online computer store.

At CrazyBuy we are committed to dealing directly with the customer, trying to make them feel comfortable with us. Either making a query, resolving any issue, or processing an order, so we have several extremely easy ways to contact us i.e. call, email, and Whatsapp.

Why are we cheaper?

Those who do not know us yet often wonder why we are much cheaper than other online laptop stores. The answer is simple: we work hand in hand with the main manufacturers, carefully choosing them, taking into account the quality of the products we offer.

In addition, we have agreements with the best national wholesalers, which ensures stock and excellent product availability and access to purchase prices that are difficult to obtain by our competitors. This enables us to be much more agile than the rest of the online computer stores.

Also, we pass on all the discounts we get at prices, transferring in this way, all the efforts, for the benefit of our clients.

Why are we faster?

CrazyBuy always bets on the sale of products in stock, the products that you see available on our web store are really in our warehouse. It ensures avoiding delivery delays and customer discomfort. That is why, if we receive an order and the payment is made on time, the material is sent that same day to the specified address.

Why do we have so many positive reviews?

The speed with which we serve orders, economic prices, the close treatment we offer our customers, the agility in the management of warranties or returns, and the free customer service; generally cause the shopping experience at CrazyBuy to be positive. We always encourage everyone to express their opinion or criticism about us both online and in their environment.

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